What’s in it?

Dear Innovation program leader, Dear Innovator, Dear future innovator,

The Smart Innovation blog’s objectives are to inspire and share best practices among those that are currently or could become involved in innovation.

It also aims to promote area-specific innovations that can improve the way we live.

This new blog redacted from a practitioner’s standpoint will notably contain:

–       Illustrated practical tips to succeed in leading innovation
–       Innovation leaders interviews, exploring how they solve innovation challenges
–       Articles presenting specific innovations that can improve the way we live
–       Readings recommendations related to innovation
–       Information on innovation-related events / trainings

–       Collaborative articles

This blog is intended at all those with an interest in innovation. It is also intended at all those that could improve our world with own profit or not in the area of food and beverage, sustainability, education and high-tech mainly.

As content gradually increases, the blog will also be promoted, mainly via Linkedin, targeting global leaders and thinkers, notably in the marketing and technical functions, as well as specific groups in the areas of focus described above.

You are free of course to share with other innovation-minded people!

The more we are, the more we will succeed in generating positive change.

I wish you many “aha moments!”

Frederic Di Monte
Innovation blogger

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