More Innovation best practices sharing to come in 2014!

Thanks to all the business leaders, scientists, students and other innovation-minded people from 80 countries that visited in 2013 in their quest for innovation best practices !

After exploring the use of megatrends for strategic planning in 2012 ( and advocating for innovation with social impact (, we started 2013 with 7-moon inspired best-practices to succeed on a rough innovation path ( We also looked at the 3D printing revolution example to encourage businesses to go out of their core markets and business model comfort zone ( Finally we covered the topic of sustainability-focused-innovation, showing how critical it was (, what leading companies and institutions were doing on that front ( and how every company could innovate more sustainably (

I hope that you discovered a few good ideas, applicable tools and interesting links.

Even more importantly, I hope that you felt inspired to innovate with a focus on business model change, social impact and sustainability.

More to come in 2014…


Frederic Di Monte, Innovation blogger

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