A new blog: inspire & share innovation best practices

Innovation, whether it is about launching new products or adopting new ways to do business shares some features with any new market entry (industries, customer segments new geographies). It is in most cases a slow, difficult, ambiguous process. Outcomes are highly uncertain. It can be at times highly frustrating for those in charge of making it happen. However, it is a very rewarding job from an intellectual perspective and experience gain. Besides, it has the “fun factor” that lacks (at least for people like me) in routine activities. It can also provide large financial rewards to individuals, companies, industries and even countries when the sweetspot is discovered.

But above all innovation, having a flexible mindset and entering new markets in general are a must. The world evolves more quickly every day. Individual tastes change over time. Emerging countries can still produce cheaper than developed ones. Now they even innovate, threatening what advanced countries believed to be their single property. In a global economy, where capital, knowledge and human resources are highly mobile, the capacity to renew itself, to add more value is critical to revitalize growth in the developed world  – leaving austerity and unemployment at bay, rather than shutting down borders and advocating isolation as the solution. It is also one of the keys to exit poverty in emerging nations, enabling them to earn the right to sit at the table of the big nations. The freedom to choose, is better than being a debtors forever.

Making innovation happen is my daily life, with it’s achieved milestones and challenges. Despite common points with any market entry, the path to success in innovation also follows some peculiar rules, which are not well-known. I will share my practical insights in this blog that are relevant to new market entries in general and those more specific to “innovation”. There are people of course who have more experience than I have in this field. I would not hesitate to recommend their books. I am not an academic (though I did study all the theories during my Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA). I am not a consultant (hence don’t expect me to draw to many models).  I am also not a native English speaker (don’t expect language wonders here). I am an industry practitioner, in charge of leading on a daily basis an innovation program aiming to introduce a game-changing technology. I am also a believer in the benefits of innovation.

This blog will contain notably best practices, innovators interviews, innovative ideas presentations and polls, books and articles recommendations, and more to come around ideas that can improve our world.

My intention is to inspire you to question status quo (in your company and in life in general) and share practical experience. My goal is to help you transform ideas into tangible (and profitable) realities that improve life. Hope I will help!

Be open – Be passionate – Have fun – Challenge status quo – Dare to act – Improve life